Top 5 favorite casino games of hollywood celebrities

Updated January 2019

Celebrities are even more attracted to gambling than most of us. And while our preferences to games may wary, from availability, stakes and the money in our pockets, famous Hollywood celebrities have developed their own preferences that range from poker to blackjack and other high stake games, which only proves that the only difference between normal gamblers and celebrity gamblers is the amount of money they can spend while gambling. It is easy to conclude how the glamour and glitter that follows celebrities has been transferred to gambling in casinos. Today, when we think of a casino, we think of celebrities, showgirls, and parties, not just playing the slots or sitting at a table, playing poker with a formidable poker face. However, celebrities do act like anyone else when it comes to gambling, and below, we have gathered their favorite games.

1.    Poker

Of course poker was going to be on the top of our list. Our representative here is Jennifer Tilly. Did you know that the actress most famous for her roles in Haunted Mansion and Liar Liar loves to sit back and play a high-stakes Texas Hold’Em poker game? No? We are not surprised. What is even more surprising is the fact that she is actually really good at it. She won the World Series of Poker Ladies Championship back in 2005. She won around $370,000, which she probably used to play more poker.

Toby Maguire apparently loves to play poker so much, and probably wants to be really good at it, because he took lessons from a professional poker player in order to improve. Well, he needed to improve before his reputation as the worst loser got the better of him. Anyhow, later on he went on to be a part of a celebrity poker circle. And yes, the poker ring included famous Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and other celebrities, and yes, some of them have starred in movies about casinos and gamblers.

2.    Blackjack

Well, blackjack is popular both among celebrities and among normal people. Blackjack and slots are after all, really popular casino games in general. Blackjack is very attractive because unlike the slots, you depend more on strategy and planning, rather than luck to win, although this is debatable. However, the movie 21 definitely increased Blackjack’s popularity as a casino game, especially because the characters in the movie used math and counting cards to win, which increased the belief that with strategic thinking and narrowed focus, you could win too. Movies can make even the most difficult heists easy, like the movie Thirty Lies Or So, where a group of people prepare a heist and get the better out of a big company.

It is not a surprise that blackjack also attracts celebrities. Our representative here is Ben Affleck. Apparently, he is often found at high-stake blackjack tournaments. Today, he has been banned because when he won a high-stake tournament of $800,000, he went around and gave about $150,000 to the dealers.

Another lover of blackjack is Tiger Woods. Well, like any other sports star, Tiger Woods apparently loves to play high-stake blackjack games, and he is notable to have won about $20,000 in one game. True, that might not be a big win for him, but as we already know, sometimes it’s about the act of winning, not about the amount of money you’ve won.

3.    Slots

Have you ever had the experience of playing a slot machine that featured a picture of you in the reels? No? Pamela Anderson can say yes. She is notable for playing both poker machines and slot machines around casinos, and yes, some of them feature Baywatch, and the slot machine includes a picture of her in the reels.

Not every celebrity gambling story is amusing or funny, though. Liza Minnelli’s former husband, David Gest, who was a music producer, not only enjoyed playing slot machines, he also tended to indulge in self-destructive behavior that ultimately ruined him. Despite all that, he was still spending around $10,000 in a single sitting on slot machines in the months before he died.

4.    Roulette

Everyone loves roulette. The spinning wheels, the anticipation, it creates a nice chemical mix in the body of agony and ecstasy. No wonder celebrities are also attracted to the game. A notable roulette player is another sports star on our list. Charles Barkley, the NBA star can often be seen in Las Vegas, spending chips and looking at the wheel with a facial expression that could only be described as hypnotized.

Of course, celebrities are often friends, and these friends often indulge in playing different casino games. Charles Barkley’s roulette friend is no other than Tiger Woods. This companionship probably came to be because Charles Barkley almost never plays a casino game alone, while Tiger Woods is easily Las Vegas’ most famous celebrity gambler. There are speculations that he has played almost every casino game in the city.

5.    Craps

Craps is the game of choice for Ray Romano, yes, the Ray Romano who is most notable for playing “Raymond” in his semi-autobiographical TV Show. You might have heard about his gambling addiction problem from the media, especially since he has been noted to lose money and, well, yell at the dealers. This not so positive story ends with Ray Romano seeking help for his gambling addiction, but that help involved him playing a craps game for a friend. A weird act for a recovering problem gambler, but then again, celebrities often do things that don’t make sense to normal people.

6.    Online Casino Games

An honorary shout out goes to online gambling. As we stated previously, the casino games that attract us also attract celebrities, and everyone loves playing poker from the comfort of his or her own home. And while celebrities might not need to find bonuses, tricks and tips for playing online poker or blackjack, we do. There are plenty of websites who offer this information, the most notable of which is