June 3 (Friday)
DVD & Video June 10 (Friday) released!

Click here for details

January 14 (Friday)
Miki Nakatani, Congratulations!

At 19th Takasaki Film Festival, Miki Nakatani has been awarded the Best Actress! Click here for details

December 17 (Friday)
For the first day of the stage greeting guest

With regard to Seiichi Tanabe’s scheduled guest, it became the only 10:30 time due to various circumstances. Please acknowledge.

December 17 (Friday)

GET the Gonzou standby or PHOTO frame to dance in the mobile site! Click here for details

December 14 (Tuesday)
Site further information

has been released “about thirty Gonzou of lie” production Confidential to Gonzou .net.

December 13 (Monday)
Favor externals, 10: 30 times has ended.

12: 30 times, and the rest is just!

Please hurry! Contact: Shinekuinto 03-3477-5905

December 9 (Thursday)
Site update information

the blog page has decided UP.

December 7 (Tuesday)
Site update information

the product page has decided UP.

December 3 (water)

December 18 (Sat) 10: 30/12: 30 of each time screening before
the stage greeting decision at Shinekuinto!

Cast (tentative): Kentaro Otani Director, Kippei Shiina, Miki Nakatani, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Seiichi Tanabe, norito yashima (10:30 times only), Anri Ban, Gonzou so there might be ● With regard to the guest of the change on the day, in advance Please note. ● 12 May 11 (Saturday) AM10: 00 than, we will distribute the tickets at Shinekuinto (by congestion, AM10: 00 there might be to distribute the tickets than before). ● ticket Customers who need only, I will consider it as one piece per person. ● become your sequence through the night is strictly prohibited.Of the day ※, bouquet, gift, photography is strictly prohibited.Please note. Contact: Shinekuinto <03-3477-5905>

December 2 (Thursday)

1. Gonzou STATION appeared
Gonzou shop is imposing open decision! Adorned with brilliant Christmas Parco!
★ 12/11 (Sat) to 25 (Sat) Part 3 “B1 special venue”
★ limited-leading mono of goods is full!

2. melon bread shop that can matrix of Gonzou!

I bread because panda! It sells melon bread sold-out excuse limited for two days.

★ 12/11 (Sat), 12 (Sun) Part 3 before, “Spanish Steps square”

3. A waste to eat! Limited release Gonzou cake!

“Parco Part 1,” the first floor of a cafe than “moph”, “of about 30 lie” public commemoration Mofumofu “Gonzou” cake is born. Gonzou What kind of taste?

★ 12/1 (Wed) – <12/20 (Mon) to 25 except for the (Saturday)>

one day limited-about thirty pieces \ 630 (tax included)

Part 1 – first floor “moph”

Contact: 03-5458-3411 HMV X’MAS Presented By Gonzou!

1. It appeared in the over-the-counter
in Inokashira street side, and front entrance Gonzou selling hit their own goods!
Gonzou special balloon will also distribute!
★ 12/18 (Sat)

2.CKB Yokoyamaken’s also come with glue!
12/18 (Sat) 15 am – Location: 6F event space
Cast: Yokoyama sword, Kentaro Otani director, Anri Ban, Masayuki Kawakatsu, Gonzou
※ performer is there is a possibility to change
[ticket distribution method]
Crazy Ken Band we will distribute the tickets to the 300 people who purchase the “froth” or “PV collection” in Shibuya.

3. Gonzou Christmas card
will be presented to those who wish in HMV all stores than 12/1 (water)!

Gonzou haunt also Q front of middle etc. Shibuya Station! Find !!
November 30 (Tuesday)
Related Product Information  
Questionnaire planning book “about 300 of the lie”

or a lie for what is human?
TSUTAYA online site on the general public was a selection of episodes from “dear lie you’ve attached to that person,” about 300 published in.
It is a hint for that grab the “true happiness” has been hidden! Author: “about thirty lie” team with Gonzou ed Price: 420 yen (including tax) Release: Kadokawa Bunko (Kadokawa Shoten) Release Date: December 2004 25 days

November 30 (Tuesday)
Site update information

the downloads page has decided UP.

November 25 (Thursday)
Site update information

the MUSIC page has decided UP.

November 24 (Wed.)
Site update information

the THEATER page has decided UP.

November 19 (Friday)

“about thirty lie” premiere has been decided.

12/18 will be the whole country sequentially public than (Saturday) at Shibuya Shinekuinto other.

November 11 (Thursday)
Site update information

page about PRODUCTION NOTE page and TWILIGHT EXPRESS has decided UP.

November 2 (Tuesday)
Site update information

the TRAILER page has decided UP. This notice, dispatch You can see.

November 2 (Tuesday)
Related Product Information  
Novel version of “about thirty lie”

Author: Hideo Tsuchida

Price: 1050 yen (including tax)

Release: Kadokawa Shoten

Release Date: December 3, 2004 (scheduled)

Crazy Ken Band / froth

theme song “froth” emergency sale!

The benefits DVD recorded promotional video of “froth” (cast of the movie also appeared).

Gonzou will have a special card that the “Asking Price” pose as First Press Limited privilege.

35018-BSCL [CDS Tasu DVD]

¥ 1470 J-Pop (Substance)

will be released December 1, 2004

When you tell a lie, look around!

Surely, there are Gonzou just around the corner!

DVD “about thirty Gonzou of lie” announced !!

But panda that I was somewhere cunning face not just cute “Gonzou”. It holds the key to the hen, to starring the character, recorded short film of about 30 seconds × about 30 episodes that were taken to new “Gonzou” starring.

Release: Asmik
sales: Kadokawa Entertainment
Release Date: December 3, 2004 (gold)
Price: \ 1,890 (tax included)

October 29 (Fri.)

“about thirty lie,” we have the official site renewal.

For publication, it will release a variety of content so stay tuned!